Off Center Media is a documentary production company founded by sisters Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler.

In 2009, the sisters completed William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe, an award-winning feature documentary, which premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, screened in over 40 other festivals, was released theatrically in 26 cities, and opened the 2010 season of POV on PBS.

In 1999, the Kunstlers produced their first film,  Tulia, Texas: Scenes from the Drug War, a short documentary that exposed a racist drug sting that led to the incarceration of over 10% of the African American community of a small Texas town. The video inspired national media coverage of the drug sting and its aftermath, led to state and federal investigations of the drug sting, helped the defendants secure new representation, influenced the passage of several bills in the Texas Senate, and prompted the federal indictment of the undercover narcotics officer.

The success of this documentary as a tool for organizing, advocacy, and ultimately, justice, inspired Emily and Sarah to form Off Center Media. Off Center exposes injustice through the creation and circulation of media. We are committed to investigating and sharing stories of racism and oppression in the hope that we can help effect a country and a world where there really is equal justice for all.