Video production:

Off Center produces low cost videos for use in legal advocacy. We work with law firms, non-profits, educational institutions, public defender offices, and private citizens to produce professional non-fiction visual advocacy.

From clemency films for death row inmates, to films about the injustice of the drug war and wrongful conviction, to films that illustrate issues that are being litigated before the United States Supreme Court, we have helped clients fight for their lives, overturn their convictions, and spur the passage of new legislation.

We work with a small experienced crew, and have the mobility and flexibility to produce films all over the country. Our team operates with the utmost sensitivity, understanding that the work we do requires a lot of our interview subjects, and that we are often asking them to lay bear some of the most painful and traumatic moments of their lives in pursuit of justice for themselves and their loved ones.

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Off Center offers training for lawyers and non-lawyers in the production of advocacy films.

Video advocacy is a powerful complement to legal advocacy – it can be used inside the courtroom as evidence or for mitigation, and outside the courtroom for organizing, public outreach, and social change.  In the toolbox of the public defender, or as part of a civil access to justice initiative, video advocacy can ensure that what happens inside of our courtrooms does not happen in a vacuum,  providing new models of legal assistance that can help narrow the justice gap. However, it can be both cost- and time-prohibitive for lawyers and others to hire production companies like ours to provide these services.

Our training helps build the skills needed for lawyers, non-profits, and community activists to produce and employ video advocacy at all stages of a case or justice campaign.

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At Off Center we have over 16 years of advocacy video production experience. We recognize that there are few others that do this kind of work and offer support for those making advocacy videos of their own.

We are available to consult in all phases of production. We offer support from story conception, through pre-production, production, editing, to video dissemination and outreach.

Please contact or call 718-636-0988 to find out more about this service.