Tyrone Noling

Tyrone Noling is an innocent man on Ohio’s death row. He has spent more than 22 years in prison for two murders that he did not commit.

All evidence points to Tyrone Noling’s innocence, say leading law enforcement and innocence experts featured in this video about a troubling death penalty case in Ohio. In February 1996, Mr. Noling was sentenced to death for the tragic murders of Bearnhardt and Cora Hartig in rural Portage County. Today, he remains in danger of execution despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

In this video, a former sheriff, a veteran homicide detective and the Director of the Ohio Innocence Project describe how no physical evidence ties Mr. Noling to the crime, all principal witnesses have recanted their testimony against him, and recently discovered evidence, withheld at trial, points to other viable suspects.

Narrated by Raymond Towler, an Ohio exoneree, the video demonstrates how evidence developed since Mr. Noling’s trial indicates that the statements of the three young men who testified against Tyrone were produced through coercive interrogation tactics and have all of the hallmarks of false confessions.

UPDATE: December 21, 2016, Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of death-row inmate Tyrone Noling; restrictions on DNA testing appeals unconstitutional. Read more here.

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